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Sunday 09 August 2020
International Doctoral Program in Economics
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The Advanced Courses are coordinated by Prof. Alessandro Nuvolari. The list of courses may change from year to year, also in relation to students' research interests. The following modules are covered on a regular basis:

- Agent-based Computational Economics (Giorgio Fagiolo, Marco Valente, Robert Axtell)

- Evolutionary models of innovation, growth and growth fluctuations (Jerry Silverberg)

- Evolutionary economics (Giovanni Dosi)

- Industrial Dynamics (Federico Tamagni)

- Information, knowledge and innovation (Giovanni Dosi)

- Complexity in Economics (Alan Kirman)

- Evolutionary Macroeconomics (Andrea Roventini)

- Dynamic Macroeconomics (Guido Ascari, Lorenza Rossi)

- Applied econometric methods (Angelo Secchi, Paris School of Economics)

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